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Each original Vinylography is created by consciously photographing legendary vinyl records on selected turntables. For the high-quality images, I use only original turntables - from the late 40s to the present day. The vinyl records in my private collection were acquired from the countries of origin such as the USA, UK, Australia and Europe, depending on the artist or band, and are original releases.

All original Vinylography works offered on this website are limited editions and only available in small quantities.

Edition Masterpiece

Milestones in music history in mega formats

Vinylography No. 3 Joe Cocker With a little help from my friends on Thorens TD 184

For the Masterpiece Edition, a genuine photo print measuring up to 2.50 meter (98,4 inches) wide is exposed using the latest laser technology and developed in the traditional way. It is then laminated under acrylic glass and stabilized at the back with an aluminum Dibond back panel. Finally, it is sealed with permanently flexible silicone.

To transform each work in the Masterpiece Edition into a sculptural gallery object, the finished picture is framed with a satin-finish aluminum floater frame. The gap between the picture and the frame creates a floating effect, which represents the gap between the turntable platter and the base.

Vinylography Masterpiece Frame
Vinylography Masterpiece Frame

The works of art in the Masterpiece Edition are available in either glossy or matt acrylic glass finish, offering you perfect enjoyment in a range of different lighting conditions.

Sizechart of Masterpiece edition

Strictly limited edition

All Original Vinylography works are strictly limited worldwide and only available in these small quantities:

Format A – size 45 cm (17,7 inches) wide – 99 pieces

Format B – size 60 cm (23,6 inches) wide – 49 pieces

Format C – size 90 cm (35,4 inches) wide – 15 pieces

Format D – size 105 cm (41,3 inches) wide – 10 pieces

Format E – size 120 cm (47,2 inches) wide – 7 pieces

Format F – size 150 cm (59,1 inches) wide – 5 pieces

Format G – size 180 cm (70,9 inches) wide – 3 pieces

Format XXXL – size 250 cm (98,4 inches) wide – 1 piece

Quality promise

I place great emphasis on maximum precision and high quality. This not only applies to the artistic execution of my works, but also their technical and manual production. That's why I meticulously check every detail before issuing, signing and stamping a certificate of authenticity. I personally want to ensure that you enjoy my works of art for a long time.