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My Way


Gerd Schaller

Born in Bavarian Swabia, Germany.
Grew up between a noisy city and quiet nature.
Freelance artist. Uncomfortable but social.
Driven by perfection. Inspired by music.
His art is a reflection of his personality; he likes doing things his own way.
And of course pick up the camera and shoot, shoot, shoot.

higgins lion lapland pasta silence strength passion
engadine communication remain silent saying worth berlin
chur architecture bauhaus light matt odin create repair
acdc rolling stones artwork vinylography design aerosmith falco udo elo
transiency empathy black clockwork latte macchiato jeans
london tree ground living heinz erhardt ruinaulta stable via gluck
rome prague cool culture saint moritz respect
out of the dark

The idea for Vinylography dates back to the 80s. Polaroids by ELO (Time), Bryan Adams (You Want It, You Got It), Kim Wilde (Kim Wilde), Joachim Witt (Silberblick) and a few others. The turntable was a DUAL 1249. His vinyl collection now comprises several thousand records, including original releases and first pressings from the USA, UK, Australia, as well as picture discs and other rarities. He also has a turntable collection, which takes up quite a lot of cupboard space. Even his good old Polaroid 660 is still alive, although it has long since been replaced by modern photo and lighting technology for Vinylography.